Monte schraubt irgendwas mit einer alten Ratsche am Raumschiff. Im Ohr hat er – und wir im Publikum fast noch lauter – seine Tochter, die schreit und schreit und schreit – nach Zuwendung oder Essen oder weil der Video-Stream von der Erde nur einen rassistischen Klassiker von 1912 zu bieten hat. Wo normalerweise der Sauerstoff-Alarm Dringlichkeit erzeugt, ist dieses futuristisch-unfuturistische Babyfon eine fantastische Neuerung.

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Bezos […] is self-funding Blue Origin at a rate of approximately $1 billion a year
Today, all of humanity’s energy needs could be met by a solar farm covering an area the size of Nevada. In a couple of centuries, a solar farm to meet our needs would cover the entire planet.
up to 1 million humans living in each cylinder built from asteroid materials and other space resources. Each environment would be climate controlled, with cities, farms, mountains, or beaches. „This is Maui on its best day all year long,“ Bezos said. „No rain. No earthquakes. People are going to want to live here.“
It was brave and bold of Bezos to put his entire vision for humanity’s aspirations out there all at once. Like with Musk in 2016, it opens him up to criticism for being too dreamy about outer space or not caring about the immediate problems here on Earth. But the reality is that, while Earth has plenty of problems today, humanity faces existential concerns in the decades and centuries to come. It is good to think about these problems and plant the seeds for solutions that may one day solve them.