Futuristische, unirdische Nachrichtenmeldungen!
Thema 1: Microsoft Flight Simulator (ab 1:09)
Thema 2: Focusmate (ab 19:36)
Thema 3: Voynich-Manuskript (ab 39:31)
Thema 4: Interstellares Objekt Borisov (ab 1:00:18)

Science Fiction ist überall und weiß es nicht mal. Fantastische Wissenschaftlichkeit – Der Podcast über Futuristisches, das uns alltäglich begegnet!

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Intro/Hintergrundmusik: Lazy Magnet – Masters Of Science Fiction CC BY-NC-SA – so wie dieser Podcast.

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Podcast Cover with Randall Munroe's stick figure signature

We interviewed Randall Munroe about his new book; we learn why you couldn’t land a plane on a ski jump, that he has „reactor operator friends“, how a daily comic can be a very slow movie, why you shouldn’t follow his password tips literally and what his favorite Star Trek episode is!

Interview @ 6:24, discussion (in German) @ 34:00.

Science Fiction is everywhere and doesn’t even know it. Fantastische Wissenschaftlichkeit – Fantastic Scientificness – the podcast about futuristic stuff that we encounter in everyday life!

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