„The planes left from the city airport, which they reached using the city bi-rail. Ann had changed into her travelling outfit, which consisted of a light shirt in polycarbon-derived artifical fabric, which showed off her pert figure, without genetic enhancements, and dark blue pants made of textiles. Her attractive brown hair was uncovered.“

Casual Sci Fi at its best!

Das Ö in Öl ist ein Smiley.

Fairly certain that crude oil is a genuine eldritch horror.
lied in wait in the Earth’s crust for literally millions of years
made from the dead bodies of creatures nobody in recorded history has ever seen alive
almost immediately granted us advanced technology […]


„[D]ie ‚petropolitical Entities‘, die Wesen aus der Ölpolitik, von denen Negarestani erzählt, sind abstrakte Verwandte von H.P. Lovecrafts Great Old Ones, den bösen Göttern des interdimensionalen Schreckens […]
Das Buch ist in einem Tonfall gehalten, den man ‚exaktes Raunen‘ nennen könnte“¹


¹ Dietmar Dath, Niegeschichte