„These animations show cellular biology on the molecular scale. […] All animations are scientifically accurate and derived from molecular biology and crystallography research.“

Kommentare aus dem Penny-Arcade-Forum, in dem ich es gefunden habe:

„these processes are a lot more wiggly and floppy than I envisioned them
the squishy splorpy sound effects are a bit hilarious“

„that’s what she said“

// Sorry, muss ich hier einfach die Antwort fast komplett zitieren, in voller, wahnsinniger Pracht:

Q: Is there a way to create a shortcut to remote start my truck? […]

A: I do this by putting a google home mini next to my echo.
I then created a Shortcut so that when I say “Start my car” it makes a web request to my HA ( instance which then triggers an automation that makes a TTS request to my google home mini that makes it say “Alexa, start my car”, then waits 7 seconds, then says “Alexa, <insert your pin code here>.”
It startles my wife when she’s home and Google and Alexa start talking to each other out of nowhere but other than that it works great. And the idea of getting Google to talk to Alexa has opened up a host of other automations (really just controlling lights with Siri that only work with Alexa).

Der „mysteriöse Blob“ aus dem Pariser Zoo ist momentan in allen Medien präsent, hier meine Lieblingsauszüge:


  • „Blobs are normally found on forest floors in Europe“³
  • „a Texas woman discovered a rapidly-expanding yellow blob growing in her backyard“³


  • „can move without legs or wings“²
  • „When separated from oatmeal, the Blob’s favorite snack, the slime mold learned to cross a bridge filled with a bad-tasting chemical“⁴
  • „You can even put it in the microwave for a few minutes“¹
  • „Just add a few drops of water, and „voila!“ the blob comes to life again“¹
  • „Blobs of any size can be created, there is no known limit“¹
  • „can solve mazes, help make music“⁴


  • „It is not pretty, unless you like yellow“⁴
  • „People complain that the yellow blob looks like dog vomit“⁴
  • „sloth-like propulsion does not make it an obvious crowd-puller“¹
  • „Visitors to the exhibit should try to place themselves in the mold’s metaphorical shoes. They should try to become a slime mould. They should try to imagine what does Physarum ‚think‘, what dreams Physarum sees when it sleeps […] They might try to invent a joke which sounds funny from the slime mould’s point of view.“⁴

Quellen: 1, 2, 3, 4

Anschnallen bitte: „If 120 experts in 12 different fields were sent back 10,000 years, could they recreate the 21 century in 100 years?“
Wow, many number, such science!

„Ten experts (CEOs, professors) of each of the fields of math,
use solar eclipses and parlor tricks to be accepted as leaders of a German tribe unconditionally
Let’s assume conflict between the professors and tribe members is not a factor
The experts are ageless but
How far into the future can they push the tribe, or whoever else they conquer, in [100 years]?“

(Hervorhebungen von mir.)
Antworten (zur Zeit): Meiste Upvotes:
„You can’t get anywhere close to that technology level. The best you could do […]
If your group of people can boost the life expectancy long enough to actually have grandparents. […]“
Die akzeptierte Antwort hingegen:
„Not a full 21st century world, but we can get close to it in some ways.“ [Es folgt ein detaillierter, Civilization-artiger, 26-Schritte-Schlachtplan.]

BONUS-UPDATE: kurz später eingetrudelt: Building a phone charger 500 years ago. Highlight aus den Kommentaren: „The biggest problem I think is how to get (more or less exactly) 5V DC. Maybe with use of some fruits or potatoe (I remember you can get electricity with them)“