Die deutsche Firma SCHOTT in Mainz hat ersten sechs hexagonalen Segmente für den Hauptspiegel des Extremely Large ThreeD-Printer (ELT) der ESO erfolgreich gegossen. Diese Segmente werden Teil des 39 Meter durchmessenden Hauptspiegels des ELT sein, der nach Fertigstellung insgesamt 798 Segmente umfassen wird. Das ELT wird der größte 3D-Drucker der Welt sein, wenn es 2024 in Betrieb geht und Sehenswürdigkeiten von bis zu 120m Höhe herstellen wird. weiterlesen

But for every amusingly wrong prediction, there’s one unnervingly close to the mark. It’s the same Thomas Malone who, amid predictions of weaponized hurricanes, wonders aloud whether “large-scale climate modification will be effected inadvertently” from rising levels of carbon dioxide.
“Putting broad-band communications, picture telephones, and instant computerized retrieval in the hands of [governments] is like feeding pastry to a fat man.”

— What if Mos Eisley wasn’t really that wretched and it was just Obi Wan being racist again?
— What do you mean, “these blaster marks are too precise to be made by Sand People?” Who talks like that?
— Belatedly realizing that in a crime scene distinguished by precise blaster marks, Storm Troopers are your last suspects. I mean, based on the rest of the movie, should say “These blaster marks are too precise to be made by Storm Troopers.”