„Reacting to the banana oil, the paint sent ersatz star flows and galactic tendrils streaming into cosmic space. […]
The materials Stanley was working with fostered bacteria growth and became “unspeakably disgusting.”“

PS: Gerade beim Eintippen von ‚2001‘ hatte ich kurz gezögert: das muss falsch sein, diese Zahl, zweitausendundeins, fühlt sich irgendwie zu klein und zufällig an. Ich glaube spätestens jetzt, 2018, ist die Magie des Milleniums für mich endgültig verloren? SimCity 2000 rückt Anno 1602 immer näher…

Buch zu TOS. Schräges Layout, furchtbares Cover, köstliche Geschichten, $75.

„[…] Again, should be a ‚Kirk-Spock‘ scene. In the prosecution we have, in effect, Barney Greenwald prosecuting Captain Queeg as he rightfully must, in spite of the fact that he helieves in Queeg and does not want to destroy the man. Now, we have an opportunity to play a marvelously fresh facet of the relationship between Kirk and Spock. […]“

—Re: S2E11 Script; From: Leonard Nimoy, To: Gene Roddenberry