An antiprocrastination hyperproductivity app:

[Focusmate is] very simple. It pairs you with a random person via webcam and you work together for 50 minutes at a time. […] I click start and it brings up a typical webcam, video-chat-kind-of window, and the other person’s there sitting at a desk and I’ll say “Hi, what are you working on?” They’ll say, “Oh I’m grading something because I’m a teacher.” And I’ll say, “Okay great. I’m doing some editing because I’m a book collaborator,” and that’s it. […] Nobody really watches each other. […] But something about that psychological awareness that someone else is also working at the same time keeps me pinned to my work and in a state of flow like nothing else I’ve ever done.

Glitching into casual scifi:

„But, like every other piece of software ever made, if you put garbage in you get garbage out. The challenge for developers right now is teaching the software to eat as much garbage as possible.
What I mean to say is that during my four-hour demo, I saw some really weird stuff.
setting a course for the Giza pyramid complex on the horizon, I noticed something unusual on the ground below. Flying lower, I realized it was a deciduous forest. Developers hovering over my shoulder said that it must be the engine misinterpreting the texture of sand dunes, placing thousands of artificial, dust-colored trees that stretched on for miles.“

Im Moment übernehmen wechselnde Comedians jeweils für kurze Zeit Tig Notaros (Jett Reno in Discovery) Twitter-Account. Alle Posts sind von kondensierter Qualität und manchmal sci-fi-ig, wie diese Kurzgeschichte von @cambrewhaha:

„The year is 2050. The climate has collapsed. The rich live in floating mega structures above a constant super storm. The rest of human race is slowly dying from Vape Lung. The only thing that connects us all….. are the sick ass clouds.“