Polygon spekuliert zu Alienfleisch. Kurz darauf bin ich über Eating E.T. gestolpert. Vegan, aber, und, ach du meine Güte.

How can we dearly love and grieve some non-human species while accepting the industrialised slaughter of others? How can we cater to the needs of eaters who seek a surrogate for the sacrificial and ritual aspects of convivial, meat-based, barbecues? What are our ethical responsibilities towards fictional organisms?

Well put.

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„Wie wäre es wenn!“
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Worst Case Scenario @ Memory Alpha


Screengrab aus 065 Rebellion Alpha / Worst Case Scenario (S3E25)

„Wie kapere ich ein Schiff in Babyschritten“
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Displaced @ Memory Alpha


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„Wie die Dinos die Erde verließen“
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Distant Origin @ Memory Alpha


Earl Sinclair in the Holodeck

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