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…bzw. Süße Trauer Teil 1 (Zusammenfassung ab 0:00) und 2 (Zusammenfassung ab 11:32), oder

„Der Showdown und Neuanfang (?)“

Diskussion beider Folgen ab 23:02.

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Screengrab aus 021 Such Sweet Sorrow Part 1+2 (S2E13+S2E14)


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„Wie viele unsichtbare Stalker passen in die Voyager?“
Recap bis / wissenschaftliche Abhandlung ab 26:58

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Scientific Method @ Memory Alpha


Screengrab aus 073 Verwerfliche Experimente / Scientific Method (S4E7)

Auszug aus einer 2000-Worte-Antwort: „Why do I say that a world which has the technology to make electronic computers cannot possible resemble medieval Europe? For two obvious reasons: first, in a world with advanced technology there are lots and lots of literate people and lots and lots of books; and second, a world with advanced technology must by necessity be based on some sort of modern economy, either a Soviet-style planned economy, or a free market economy, but in any case nothing like the sluggish medieval economy.“

„At this time, the penalty for minor theft such as a loaf of bread was to be plowed to death. You were buried up to your chest and plows would be driven through you.
I bring this up because a computer should be built for a purpose and not just to be brought along.“

„This sounds like an XY problem.“ [scheint ein neues Catchall-Ding zu sein das die diversen Biases ersetzt]

„As others have pointed out SSDs are simply too complicated. […] If I may recommend an alternative: micro SD cards!

…und im Archiv: How long would it take to create a Windows 1.0 capable machine from complete scratch?

„[…] My guess would be 35 years and 20000 people, depending on how you get past the first steps. Perhaps half a million man-years.“
Kommentar: „I like how you just handwaved mining, because that’s what you’re going to be doing for the first thousand years or so.“

„There’s only a few goals that are actual requirements and they have some low-hanging fruit: […] CPU, the only unique part that we want to move away from is mechanical switches.  […] Clock, you could make an inverter to provide a clock pulse or fashion a piece of quartz into a thin wafer (almost impossible but you only need to get lucky once). […]
It still seems pretty reasonable to accomplish within a year given perfect knowledge, the right raw materials, and a decent set of able-bodies.“

…bzw. Projekt Daedalus, Der rote Engel (ab 20:23), Der Zeitsturm (ab 48:05), Tal der Schatten (ab 1:06:27), oder

„Der Zeit voraus und hinterher“

Zusammenfassung ab 1:22:58. Und nochmal ab 1:31:34.

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Beitragsbild: „Der letzte Engel“ von Nicolas Roerich via Wikimedia Commons, Kristalle von Pixabay

Screengrab aus 020 Project Daedalus (S2E9), The Red Angel (S2E10), Perpetual Infinity (S2E11), Through the Valley of Shadows (S2E12)